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Watch the quirky comedy "Candice" Now!

Hi there! My name is Rayshell Curtiss, I'm an actor and an artist.
I love bringing characters to life, especially those quirky, cute, driven...and maybe a little crazy types. I've been refining my craft at P.A.I (Performing Arts Institute) with teacher and coach Paul Kampf.
"Rayshell has an abundance of warmth and honesty to her as a person, and she can allow those infectious traits to serve her work. She also has a deep and vibrant emotional life with unique complexity. It's a pleasure to direct her on set and see how she raises the craft of those around her" (Paul Kampf, Director of Imprisoned and Best Fake Friends)
Another passion of mine is creating mixed media collages (see a few of my favorites here). 
Thanks for checking out my site!​​
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